To provide police officers and police managers to the Turkish National Police who can observe the latest global developments, who are respectful to human rights, who have sufficient skills and behaviors to maintain public order and security; to run security sciences graduate programs; to produce and disseminate information about national security through research and academic activities within the country and at the abroad in order to support homeland and regional security.
Police Academy’s goal is as a higher education agency,  consisting of Faculty of Security Sciences, Police Vocational School of Higher Education, and Institute of Security Sciences, to provide the Turkish National Police’s human resource demands, to run education and training programs, to carry out scientific resarch, to make publications and to consult agencies for security issues. 

In carrying out the abovementioned goals:
  • It is considered to make students have public service conciousness and professionalism in accord to Ataturk nationalism, democratic, secular and social justice state principles; 
  • To make students have patriotic spirit and will-power shaped by national culture, customs, and traditions and also universal values.

Turkish National Police Academy Gölbaşı / ANKARA /TURKEY| Telephone: 00903124628696