Postgraduate Study

Institute of Forensic Sciences

The Institute of Forensic Sciences was founded in 2012 to offer postgraduate education with the aim of raising experts and academic staff for the Turkish National Police. The Institute organizes specialist training, courses and certificate programs in line with its areas of activity whereas the Application and Research Laboratories within the Institution present scientific and technical opinions on forensic sciences through the technical means it has. In addition, it aims to support police criminal laboratories in keeping up with the recent developments in the field via its research and development activities. 

The department aims to equip its students with all the qualifications offered by the program while introducing theoretical and practical applications. It primarily aims to raise forensic scientists, including both researchers and teaching staff, who meet the world standards and serve the judiciary and the society by developing new technologies. Furthermore, the experts in forensic sciences are expected to have a potential to meet the needs in various ministries and private sector at home and abroad. 

The medium of instruction is Turkish.

Department of Criminalistics 

Department of Criminalistics aims to equip students with internationally-recognized competencies and raise them as individuals who have a command of all the novelties in the field. 

» Master’s Degree Program in Criminalistics 
» Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Program in Criminalistics 

Department of Natural Sciences 

The Institute of Forensic Sciences provides an opportunity to follow the latest scientific developments and the methods employed in resolving forensic cases. The main objective of the master’s degree program within the institute is to enable accurate application of these methods in forensic cases. 

» Master’s Degree Program in Natural Sciences 
» Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Program in Natural Sciences 

Department of Information Technologies and Engineering 

This department aims to train expert staff in the field of information technologies. The trainings focusing on data analysis and recovery via footage or other records in computers and mobile phones are particularly significant in terms of shedding light on criminal activities. 

Forensic Sciences Application and Research Laboratories 

The Institute of Forensic Sciences has biology, chemistry, forensic information technologies, crime scene investigation and document analysis laboratories. The variety of the laboratories is planned to be increased in accordance with the needs of the police organization.

Criminalistics Research and Application Center (CRAC) 

Criminalistics Research and Application Center operates within the Institute of Forensic Sciences. The aim of the Center is to engage in national and international scientific studies, research, projects, publications and events in the field of forensic sciences, develop strategies and policies in the field, and share them with relevant institutions and organizations. The Center mainly focuses on research activities with the motivation of producing scientific analyses as part of the study programs, sharing the obtained data with the institutions and institutes it cooperates with, and presenting theses and models related to forensic sciences. 

Some of the training activities and certificate programs offered by the Institute of Forensic Sciences can be listed as follows: 

  • Basic Expertise Training 
  • Document Analysis Specialization Certificate Program
  • Forensic Informatics Analysis Specialization Certificate Program