Postgraduate Study

Institute of Security Sciences

The Institute of Security Sciences was founded in 2001 to offer postgraduate education. Within the Institute, nine programs offer master’s degrees and three programs offer doctoral degrees. The Institute aims to raise academicians for the Turkish National Police Academy and universities, train experts in the field of security sciences, and make academic contributions to security studies at national and international levels. 
Those holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the departments set out by the Administrative Board of the Institute of Security Sciences constitute the student profile of the Institute. The Institute also has international students from various countries. 
The medium of instruction in most of the postgraduate programs at the Institute of Security Sciences is Turkish. Two M.A. programs (i.e., International Security and Intelligence Studies) and one Ph.D. program (i.e., International Security) are offered fully in English.
Department of Criminal Justice 
This department aims to contribute to safeguarding and maintenance of social order through scientific analyses that focus on crime factor, criminals and penal systems. Within this scope, the program offers a variety of courses such as Key Concepts in Criminal Justice, Law of Evidence, and General Principles of Crime Theory. 
» Master’s Degree Program in Criminal Justice 

Department of Crime Studies 
This department aims to contribute to crime studies by creating an interdisciplinary study environment with a focus on the fact that the factors that constitute crime and crime prevention methods are required to be multidimensional. The courses offered by the program include Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Social Structure of Turkey and Organized Crime Economy. 
»Master’s Degree Program in Crime Studies 
»Master’s Degree Program in Criminology and Crime Prevention 

Department of International Security 
The Department of International Security aims to conduct scientific research and analyses on wars, conflict, violence, terrorism as well as peace and cooperation conditions and equip its students with theoretical and practical knowledge on the key concepts of international security. The program offers a variety of courses including Theories of Security, Migration and Border Security, and Peace, Security and International Organizations.
» Master’s Degree Program in International Security 
» Master’s Degree Program in International Security (English) 
» Master’s Degree Program in International Terrorism and Transnational Crimes 
» PhD Program in International Security 
» PhD Program in International Security (English) 

Department of Security Strategies and Management 
This department aims to analyze Turkey’s security policy, conduct research for the design of security policies, and contribute to the national security strategies in view of the global trends and developments in the field of security.
» Master’s Degree Program in Public Security 
» Master’s Degree Program in Intelligence Studies 
» Master’s Degree Program in Intelligence Studies (English) 
» PhD Program in Public Security 

Research Centers 
Five research centers operate under the Institute of Security Sciences: 
• Security Management and Training Research Center 
• Crime Studies and Criminology Research Center 
• International Terrorism and Security Research Center 
• Police History and Culture Research Center 
• Migration and Border Security Research Center 

Main goals of the research centers are to conduct national and international scientific studies, research, projects; to hold seminars, conferences, symposiums and events; to publish papers in security-related fields, develop strategies and policies in these fields, and share them with relevant institutions and organizations. To that end, the research centers define their primary areas of activity as producing scientific analyses related to national and international security and developing strategic models as part of their research programs.