Police Training

Police Chiefs Training Center (PCTC)

The Police Chiefs Training Center was established as a unit operating under the Turkish National Police Academy in accordance with the Article 43 of the Law No. 6638 dated 27 March 2015.

The duties of PCTC are:

  • To raise chiefs and administrators who can perform the tasks assigned to the police organization, train and manage their subordinates, ensure their discipline and performance issues;
  • To conduct proceedings for the first-level police chief training, in-service training for staff management, rank progression and promotion exams and intra-institutional exams;
  • To coordinate promotion examinations of the staff; 
  • To conduct research in order to increase the efficiency of training services and make recommendations to the President of the Turkish National Police Academy;
  • To inform the President of the Turkish National Police Academy about scientific research and teaching activities carried out during an academic term.  
  • To maintain training activities addressing police and other law enforcement officers from foreign countries; 
  • To admit international students in accordance with bilateral agreements, monitor the procedures to be followed for these students, and organize courses and certificate programs tailored to their needs.

In PCTC, the first-level police chief training and the Security Management Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Program are integrated. PCTC students also attend an applied summer camp, internship and residential area training.

Units of the Police Chiefs Training Center (PCTC): 

a - Academic Units 

  • Department of Criminal Justice and Crime Investigation 
  • Department of Security Management 
  • Department of International Security 
  • Department of Forensic Sciences 
  • Department of Applied Courses 

b - Administrative Units 

  • Training and Course Materials Office 
  • Student and Training Affairs Office 
  • Office for Rank Progression, Promotion and Exam Procedures