Police Training

Police Vocational Training Centers (PVTC)

Police Vocational Training Centers are the institutions under The TNPA where police officers are raised for the Turkish National Police Organization through the vocational training offered.   
The candidates, below the age of 30, with a bachelor’s degree, having scored above the base points determined by the Police Academy in the Public Personnel Selection Exam, are admitted to the Police Vocational Training Centers after succeeding the entrance exam on condition that they meet the requirements stated in the concerning regulation.  

The period of study is 8 months. 

PVTC students receive free boarding education and are required to wear an official uniform. Boarding fees, healthcare costs and other rations of the students are funded by the state. Besides, the students are paid an allowance of the same amount paid to the PVSHE students. 

The students who successfully complete the program in due time and pass the exit examination are appointed as candidate police officers.

There are currently 30 PVTC in operation: 

  • Ali Gaffar Okkan PVTC
  • Afyonkarahisar PVTC
  • Aksaray Şehit Önder Güzel PVTC
  • Arnavutköy PVTC
  • Aydın PVTC
  • Balıkesir PVTC
  • Bayburt PVTC
  • Bilecik PVTC
  • Bitlis PVTC
  • Bursa PVTC
  • Elazığ Zülfü Ağar PVTC
  • Elmadağ Şehit Mustafa Büyükpoyraz PVTC
  • Erzincan PVTC
  • Erzurum PVTC
  • Gaziantep PVTC
  • Hatay PVTC
  • Karabük PVTC
  • Kayseri PVTC
  • Kırşehir PVTC
  • Adana Kemal Serhadlı PVTC
  • Karaman PVTC
  • Konya Ereğli PVTC
  • Malatya PVTC
  • Mersin Şehit Altuğ Verdi PVTC
  • Merzifon PVTC
  • Niğde PVTC
  • Rize PVTC
  • Sivas PVTC
  • Trabzon Şehit Meriç Alemdar PVTC
  • Yozgat PVTC