International Cooperation

Relations with International Organizations

TNPA has strong relationships with worldwide associations engaged in police training.

  • International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA)

The International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) was founded in Istanbul on 2 July 2011 under the leadership of our Academy with the participation of 25 police training institutions. It aims to unite the institutions offering police training under the same umbrella and find solutions for their common problems. 

Since its foundation, INTERPA has organized 8 international conferences, 8 General Council meetings, 16 Executive Board meetings and 8 international training programs. Lately, with the 8th INTERPA Conference hosted by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University in India with the attendance of 90 participants from 35 countries and 1 international organization, INTERPA’s number of members increased to 73 institutions from 57 countries. 

INTERPA aims to increase cooperation between the member police training institutions by sharing studies and experiences in policing and police training, organize exchange programs (for police chiefs, academic staff, trainers and police candidates) and improve the management capacities of the member institutions by benefiting best practices. 

Chairing the INTERPA, the Turkish National Police Academy also serves as the Permanent Secretariat of the Association. 

Any institution that offers training in the field of security in their own country may file membership application to INTERPA via the INTERPA Secretariat. The applications are accepted in the General Council by the majority vote. 

Among INTERPA’s activities are annual conferences, General Council and Executive Board meetings and international training programs.
For further information, you can visit the following web page and social media accounts:
Official website: http://www.interpa.org 
Twitter: interpaofficial
Instagram : interpaofficial
Facebook: interpaofficial




No. Country   Institution
1 Afghanistan 1 Afghan National Police Academy
2 Albania 2 Albanian Academy of Security
3 Bahrain 3 The Royal Academy of Police
4 Bangladesh 4 Bangladesh Police Academy
5 Police Staff College Bangladesh
5 Belarus 6 The Academy of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Belarus
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 Agency for Education and Professional Training
7 Botswana 9 Botswana Police College
8 Brazil 10 Sao Paulo Police Academy
9 Bulgaria 11 Academy of the Ministry of Interior Bulgaria
10 Burundi 12 Burundi High Police Institute
11 Cambodia 13 Police Academy of Cambodia
12 Cameroon 14 General Delegation to National Security
13 Czech Republic 15 Czech Technical University
14 Egypt 16 Police Academy
15 Ethiopia 17 Ethiopian Police University College
16 Gambia 18 Gambia Police Force
17 India 19 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy
20 Gujarat Forensic Sciences University
18 Indonesia 21 Indonesian Police Academy
19 Iran 22 Amin Police University
20 Jordan 23 Royal Police Academy
21 Kazakhstan 24 Almaty Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
25 Karagandy Academy of MIA of the Republic of Kazakhstan Named After B.Beisenov
26 The Republic of Kazakhstan Kostanai Academy of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Named After Shrakbek Kabylbayev
27 College of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs
22 Kenya 28 Training Office Headquarters of Kenya
23 Kosovo 29 Kosovo Academy For Public Safety
24 Kuwait 30 Saad Al Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences
25 Kyrgyzstan 31 Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
26 Macedonia 32 Police Training Centre
27 Malaysia 33 Royal Malaysian Police College Kuala Lumpur
34 Royal Malaysia Police Technical College
28 Maldives 35 Institute for Security and Law Enforcement Studies
29 Moldova 36 Academy “Stefan Cel Mare” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova
30 Mongolia 37 Law Enforcement University of Mongolia
31 Montenegro 38 Police Academy of Montenegro
32 Myanmar 39 Police Officer Training Institute
33 Pakistan 40 National Police Academy, Islamabad
41 Punjab Police College Sihala
34 Palestine 42 Palestinian Civil Police for Training Isssues
35 Portugal 43 Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security
36 Qatar 44 Police Training Institute
45 Qatar Police college
37 Romania 46 The Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Bucharest
38 Rwanda 47 National Police College
39 Saudi Arabia 48 King Fahad Security College
49 Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
40 Somalia 50 Genral Kahiye Police Academy
41 South Korea 51 Korean National Police University
42 Sri Lanka 52 The National Police Academy
43 Sudan 53 The National Ribat University
54 Police Training Authority
44 Tajikistan 55 Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Tajikistan
45 Tanzania 56 Dar Es Salam Police Academy
46 Thailand 57 Royal Police Cadet Academy
47 Timor-Leste 58 Police Training Center
48 Tunisia 59 Police Training Centre
60 The National School for the Formation of National Security Executives
49 Turkey 61 Turkish National Police Academy
50 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 62 Police School of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
51 Uganda 63 Police Training School Kabalye Masindi
64 The Police Senior Command and Staff College, Bwebajja-Uganda
52 Ukraine 65 The Odessa State University of Internal Affairs
53 United Arab Emirates 66 Abu Dhabi Police College
67 Dubai Police Academy
68 Sharjah Police Sciences Academy
54 Uzbekistan 69 The Academy of the Ministry of Interior Affairs ofUzbekistan
55 Vietnam 70 The People’s Police Academy
71 The People’s Security Academy
56 Zambia 72 Zambia Police Service
57 Zimbabwe 73 Zimbabwe Republic (ZRP) Police Staff College
  • Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC)

AEPC was founded in 1996 for international coordination and cooperation in the field of police training and has 55 members from 43 countries. The Turkish National Police Academy’s membership application to AEPC was accepted after being reviewed in the Executive Committee Meeting held in Bucharest, Romania on 23-25 October 2006. 
In the Annual Conference and Governing Board Meeting of the AEPC held in Riga, Latvia on 6-8 October 2014 with the participation of 66 academicians and administrators from 20 countries and 3 international organizations, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz ÇOLAK, the President of the Turkish National Police Academy, was elected as the Vice President of the AEPC.
For further information, please visit the website of the organization: https://www.aepc.org/

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL)

In order to share best practices and experiences to improve fight against terrorism, the Project of “EU/Turkey Counter-Terrorism Training Partnership-2” has been conducted between TNPA and CEPOL between the years of 2018-2020.

Within the scope of this Project, Personnel Exchange Programme , Study Visit, Round Table Meetings and Residential Activities  have been organized. 

The details of three residential activities:

  • First Workshop was organized with the title of “De-radicalization and the Phenomenon of Terrorism” in Istanbul on 11-13 December 2018.
  • Second Workshop was organized with the title of “Foreign Terrorist Fighters-Returnees” in İzmir on 18-20 June 2019. 
  • Third Workshop was organized with the title of “Countering Financing Terrorism” in Antalya on 25-27 February 2020.